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Wee County was set up in 2001 by John and Jane Eccles. Since then our club has grown and we now have 5 horses, many lungers and coaches and about 30 members. We train on Tuesday nights at Balhearty Farm, Tillicoultry from 7 til 8.30pm for beginners/Intermediate vaulters and 8.30 til 10pm for Advanced vaulters.

We are incredibly proud to have won 15 FEI medals for team GBR including a gold and a bronze at the World Equestrian Games 2014, with World Champion Joanne Eccles and Pas de Deux medallists Joanne and Hannah Eccles, all lunged by John Eccles and on the fantastic W.H.Bentley. Andrew McLachlan and Rebecca Norval are the only British junior vaulters to have won FEI medals so far in individual (Andrew) and Pas de Deux together. They competed on Tylers Kernel lunged by John Eccles.

The Horses


W.H.Bentley, better known to us as Henry, born in 1994, and has been part of Wee County since 2000. He started competitng Internationally in 2002, and was the British team's horse for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Jerez 2002. Since then he has competed in every major championships as well as other competitions. He is also an individual horse. He took the British team to 5th place in WEG 2006, and a British individual to 10th. He won the European Championships 2009,2011 the World Championships 2010,2012 and 2014 with Joanne Eccles. He has also won three silver medals in the European Pas de Deux class in 2010, 2011 and 2013 as well as a further silver at the World Championship in 2012 and a bronze at WEG in 2014.

Baroque Baroque

Baroque, or Brock has been part of Wee County since 2003. He was born in 1995. He is also both a team and individual horse. He first competed Internationally in 2004. He was the British junior team horse at the Europeans 2006, carrying them to 6th place and also reserve British team horse in WEG 2006. Baroque won his first CVI** in Saumur, France 2007. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Brock in the summer of 2019. He helped so many vaulters achieve and learn so much. We will never forget the opportunities he gave us.

Tylers Kernel

Tylers Kernel, Tyke has been with us since April 2007. He was born in 2000 and also loves to jump!! Tyke took part in his first ever competition in March 2008 and competed in his first international in Saumur at Easter 2009. He has now competed at many internationals, including his Championship debut with the GB junior team in 2011. Since then he has won a Gold and silver medal at the Junior European championships in Pas de Deux and two bronze medals in the individual male class.

Glaxtown Billy

Billy came to our club at the end of 2012. Born in 2001 he has now taken to vaulting having competed in France, the Netherlands, Germany and making his European debut in Hungary in 2014. He has since competed at home and many internationals with the team, individuals and pas de deux.





Captain Jack

Jack joined us at Christmas in 2014 and made his international debut in the spring of 2015 then went on to compete at the European Championships in Aachen 2015 carrying our Pas de Deux. Since then he has taken team, individuals and Pas de Deux at many competitions at home and abroad including competing at the World Junior Championships 2019 placing 6th with Kerri Brylka and Katie Henderson in the Pas de Deux class.


Logan is our newest arrival, joining us in the winter of 2018 age 6. He has spent some time acclimatising to life at Wee County and is now learning the art of vaulting. Watch this space to see how he progresses.


We are very fortunate to have the use of a Racewood Vaulting simulator.
The Mechanical horse is a great training aid. It allows the coach to correct vaulters whilst in motion. This specific mechanical horse has an added advantage of also giving sideways movement if a vaulter is out of balance.

The Lungers/Coaches

Wee County is run on a voluntary basis so without our lungers and coaches we wouldn't have a club. John Eccles is our head coach, he is a British level 4 coach. We are very lucky to have many people who put in a lot of effort to enable the club to run smoothly, be it lunging, coaching or fixing up catsuits. We are always keen for them to sit their coaching levels or have a go at lunging in order to grow the sport. Our older vaulters are also encouraged to take up their coaching levels and help with encouraging and growing the sport.
At present we have three level 3 coaches, four level 2 coaches, two level 1 coaches and many coaches in the making.

Scottish Championships 2018

Our Vaulters

We have about 30 vaulters in Wee County at the moment, but we always welcome new members. We encourage our vaulters to compete internationally should they wish and we aim to make three international trips a year always gearing towards selection to represent team GBR at the Junior or Senior championships.
We also have a Pre-Novice team and a Novice/Intermediate team and a lot of our Junior members are part of the Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team. For those who wish to vault recreationally there are approximately 4 competitions a year in Scotland which we try to attend. Our recreational vaulters compete from beginner level at walk all the way to Senior individual level at canter.

Wee County have had vaulters representing team GBR every year since 2005, in either Junior or Senior level.

We also do a range of shows and local demonstrations to promote the sport and have a bit of fun, these have included agricultural shows, local galas, the Horse of the Year show and the London Olympia Horse show.

The Wee County Train!

Wee County was the first club from Britain ever to win a CVI** abroad!! This was at the CVI** in Houten in the Netherlands. Joanne Eccles was the first British individual to win a CVI** and Hannah Eccles was the first British Junior individual to win a CVI*.

Vaulting is a great way to make new friends, learn a new sport and have fun all in one!!

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