Joanne Eccles



I started vaulting when I was 8 years old in a small club in Scotland. In 1998 I joined the Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team as one of their flyers.

My first international was WEG Rome 1998 - though I only watched. i first competed at CVI Saumur 1999.

In 2001 I moved club as my father started his own club - Wee County Vaulters!

In 2003 i first competed as an individual international and was selected for Great Britain in 2004.

After 2007 I had to choose to compete with team or as an Individual - so for the time being I chose individual.

In 2009 I won Britains first ever vaulting Gold Medal at the European Championships in Sweden.

My biggest achievement yet is winning the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010.

Since then I have won the Europeans in 2011. I'm also very proud of winnig two European silver medals in the Pas de Deux class with Hannah.

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On Henry in Wiesbaden 2009

Individual achievements

9th CVI** Saumur 2004
19th Worlds, Austria 2004
6th CVI** Saumur 2005
13th Europeans, Italy 2005
3rd CVI** Sao Paulo 2005
3rd CVI** Saumur 2006
1st CVI** Portogruaro 2006
1st CVI** Houten 2006
10th WEG, Germany 2006
1st CVI** Saumur 2007
6th CVI** Brno 2007
4th Europeans, Hungary 2007
1st Masters Leipzig 2008
2nd CVI**Saumur 2008
1st CVI** Ermelo 2008
5th Masters Wiesbaden 2008
6th CVIO Aachen 2008
5th Worlds, Czech Republic 2008
1st CVI** Saumur 2009
1st CVI** Ermelo 2009
1st Masters Wiesbaden 2009
1st CVIO Aachen 2009
1st American Nationals 2009
European Champion, Sweden 2009
1st Masters Paris 2009
1st CVI** Saumur 2010
1st CVI** Ermelo 2010
1st CVI** Belgium 2010
1st Masters Wiesbaden 2010
1st CHIO Aachen 2010
2nd CVI** Stadl Paura 2010
WEG Champion, Kentucky 2010
1st Masters Paris 2010
1st CVI** Saumur 2011
1st CVI** Ermelo 2011
1st CVI** Belgium 2011
1st CHIO Aachen 2011
European Champion, Le Mans 2011

British Female Champion 2004, 2006-10
Scottish Female Champion 2006-11

S.E.V.T. WEG 2006

Team achievements

I have been part of the British team since 1998, and have been at every championship with the team since then, except in 2001.

6th place at the Worlds, Austria 2004
4th place at the Europeans, Italy 2005
5th place at WEG, Germany 2006

British Team Champions 1999-2006

British Pairs Champions -with Hannah Eccles- 2003-2010
1st Pas-de-deux CVI** Portogruaro 2006
2nd CHIO Aachen 2010
1st Pas-de-deux CVI** Belgium 2011
2nd CHIO Aachen 2011
European silver medallists Pas de Deux 2010 & 2011

meAbout me! : - )

Birthday: 16 Febuary

Occupation: Dental student

Vaulting since: 1997