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What is Vaulting??

Vaulting is an equestrian sport and is most easily described as gymnastics performed on a moving horse going on a circle line, in full harmony.

At the start vaulting is a team sport, later on individual vaulting becomes more interesting, however it can also be done in a pair.

A competition vaulting team is composed of six vaulters, one lunger and one horse. The horse canters on the left hand around a circle of a minimum diameter of 15 m. At individual vaulting the vaulter, the lunger and the horse are one unit. Vaulters can compete at Junior (18 and under) or Senior (any age) level.

Both the individuals and the Team vaulters have to show two parts in a competition: the compulsory test and the free test. Senior Individual vaulters also have to show the technical test when they get to 3* level. In the Pas de Deux (Pairs) competition there is only two rounds of Free test.

At Championships (World or Continental) separate competitions for men only and for women only must be organised. In the team vaulting competition, male and female vaulters may compete together.

The social aspects of the sport are, especially for youngsters, of very big importance. Team Vaulting combines, in a near perfect fashion, the feeling of togetherness (everybody has to rely on the other and on the horse, a strong individuality is not possible), willpower (a weak performance affects the whole group), and a healthy ambition to be better then other groups, without having the possibility to compensate for its own weakness by being rude or aggressive to the opponents.

In Britain we have four different levels of competition from Pre-novice (for beginners) to Advanced. Competitions take place in walk or canter depending on a vaulters experience and confidence level. There are also fun classes for everyone to enjoy.

For more information on Vaulting visit www.fei.org

Vaulting Explained